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Stories of happiness comprise the initial Coffee Surfing project focus, recorded during 2013 and 2014 in 14 countries.

“The energy that comes from the drums, the simple, elegant melodies of the samba, is a powerful one” Read
illy coffee surfing_São Paulo_Paula_Gabriele Galimberti
“It’s never too late to be happy or do the job you’ve already wanted to do for some time” Read
illy coffee surfing_rio_de_janeiro_Laura_Gabriele Galimberti
“To me, happiness comes down to the looks you exchange, the reflections of people you meet on the street” Read
“I felt like children do, when they go to an amusement park and see with their own eyes the superheroes they’ve only ever seen on TV.” Read
“The strength we see shining so bright in the eyes of our three boys.” Read
“I’ve spent my life moving from place to place and the one thing I’ve never stopped doing is writing.” Read